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No need to register on-line. Just show up 5 minutes before the class to ensure a space. You will be required to sign the attendance sheet in the class.

Specialty Class Rates – Please email Susan@bodywellness.com or call us directly at: 561.413.3499

Child Watch – Must call 561.413.3499 or email Susan@bodywellness.com. Appointments only.


No need to register on line. View the class on-line and show up in person to attend. You still need to sign the attendance sheet in the class.

  • You may also contact, Susan your Wellness Concierge at Susan@bodywellness.com who will be
    delighted to assist you.
  • Call us directly at 561- 413-3499.

The classes and services are designed for you and your family so please email us – We value everyone’s feedback and suggestions. We love what we do, so let’s build a great program together at the Bridges.

Body Wellness® Personal Training at The Bridges

Body Wellness® offers personal training for those individuals who are interested in taking their health & fitness to the next level. The program begins with a comprehensive fitness evaluation* to determine the health and physical status of the trainee. Next, goals and objectives are set that are specific to your body and fitness level. Depending on your condition, the program may be tailored to the recommendations of a therapist or a physician and require their approval. Your fitness program will consist of a cardiovascular component, weight training, and functional training, which addresses movement and balance exercises. Your certified personal trainer will take you through each aspect of your workout, providing guidance and direction on proper form, breathing and weight loads. Progress is charted and periodic evaluations are made to ensure progress and the attainment of your personal fitness goals.

* (Additional Fee)

Program Includes:

  • Body Wellness® Health History Evaluation
  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Goal Actualization Sheet

Program Durations Available:

  • One Hour Session
  • ¾ Hour Session
  • ½ Hour Session

Program Investment:

All of our certified personal trainers are devoted to the art and science of personal excellence in the pursuit of health & wellbeing. Our team is specifically selected and comprised of the most committed trainers in the industry. The Trainer Levels signify both the level of experience and trainer’s quality of education received. Each level builds upon the previous level. Trainers are monitored, coached and continuously educated to improve their offerings and quality of service. Please know that whichever category you choose, you will be getting a highly trained and dedicated professional.



Buy Professional Trainer PT Classes

Our Professional Trainers have advanced levels of knowledge and experience within our system and are qualified to provide a higher level of assessments, programming and training. Our Professional Trainer will develop a Performance Based Training program that will help you achieve your specific goals and look your best! These trainers hold a current nationally recognized personal training certification for at least 2-5 years.



Buy Elite Trainer PT Classes

Extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled, our Elite Trainers hold a current nationally recognized personal training certification with at least 6-10 years of extensive working experience. Elite Trainers are capable of providing more advanced levels of assessment and training. Including but not limited to: weight loss programs, pre/post-natal fitness and sports specific training.



Buy Master Trainer PT Classes

Our Master Trainers are equipped to help clients struggling with the most complicated conditions, complex needs and performance desires. Master Trainers have 11-20+ years of consistent experience in the industry and typically hold a current personal training certification from at least one of the following organizations: ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Academy), or NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). A Master Trainer will empower you to reach your optimal performance in a safe and efficient manner. You will get the results you have not been able to experience with other advanced training programs!



Buy Private Pilates Sessions

“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.” – Joseph H. Pilates

With Elite Palates Trainer Lisa, in a Private Pilates session, you will experience a 60-minute session tailored to your body’s level and desired focus on a Pilates mat . A private session allows a unique whole body experience of discovery and awareness, while strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility.

Private Basketball

Our private basketball lessons can help sharpen fundamental basketball skills in order to keep them feeling confident on the court. Our trained instructors employ a variety of fun yet challenging drills that can improve your child’s dribbling, passing, and shooting game. Swoosh!

Buy Private Sessions Below:

30 minute sessions:

45 minute sessions:

60 minute sessions:

Swim Lessons

Body Wellness® will be is offering Swim Lessons, both group and private. Group classes will be formed with 4-5 children per class. Our program will familiarize your child with the water, and take them step by step through the skills that will give them a sense of security while in the water. Classes will be held during the day and in the evening. Private Sessions may be scheduled by appointment.

Click here to learn more about our Swim Lessons

Soccer Classes

Soccer Mommies & Me

Basic Soccer Classes

Basketball Sessions

Basketball Skills Enhancement (7-10 yrs.)

Basketball Basic (4-6 yrs.)

In addition to all of the great classes and programs we offer at The Bridges, we have a variety of services that you can take advantage of as well. Click on each one of the services listed below to learn more: