Body Wellness® offers personal training for those individuals who are interested in taking their health & fitness to the next level. The program begins with a basic fitness evaluation (additional fee) to determine the health and physical status of the trainee. Next, goals and objectives are set for the student that is specific to their body and fitness level. Depending on their particular condition, the program may be tailored to the recommendations of a therapist or a physician and require their approval.

The actual workout programs will consist of: cardiovascular training, weight training and functional training, which addresses movement and balance exercises.

Your personal trainer will take you through each aspect of your workout, providing guidance and direction on proper form, breathing and weight loads. Progress is charted, and periodic evaluations are made to insure progress and the attainment of your personal fitness goals.

Program Includes: * Body Wellness® Health History Evaluation * Nutritional Evaluation * Goal Actualization Sheet

Program Duration: * One Hour Sessions or Half Hour Sessions

Program Packages:

Since our personal training programs offer a total wellness component, which is personally designed for your goals and objectives, program investment is predicated on what you want to accomplish.

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* 3 Hour Sessions

* 5 Hour Sessions

* 10 Hour Sessions

* 20 Hour Sessions

“The First Wealth is Health.” Ralph Waldo Emerson