Linda Alessandro, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Body Wellness® – has 35 years as a fitness entrepreneur, lecturer, and a pioneer of onsite fitness & wellness programs for more than 25 Fortune 500 & 100 companies. Chairperson of The President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports, Long Island, NY, during the Clinton Administration. She attended the State University of N.Y. Stony Brook. Her accomplishments include:

  • Managed a turnaround of the worst-performing Nutrisystem center in N.Y. to the #1 spot and one of the top 3 performing stores in the country.
  • Pioneered more than 200 corporate and U.S. Gov’t agency wellness programs.
  • In 2011 Linda began duplicating and scaling community fitness, using a growing number of outside instructors.
  • From 2014 she led the company’s growth from revenues of a couple of hundred thousand to more than a million in 2019.
  • In 2020, with revenues coming to a halt due to the advent of the Corona Virus, Linda introduced online fitness classes creating a whole new revenue stream and propelling the company forward.
  • Today Body Wellness® offers over 325 different wellness programs, over 100 fitness formats, and many other classes, lectures, and workshops addressing every area of health, fitness, and wellbeing.

She is an active advocate of equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds and races. This is reflected in the diversity of Body Wellness® Team. She is a former Olympic class athlete in martial arts and a motivational speaker who practices what she advocates and is now poised to take Body Wellness® global.

Daniel Alessandro, President and COO – has nearly 4 decades of diverse technical, marketing, and operating experience as a senior C level executive. He is the life partner of Linda Alessandro and shares her love of sports and exercise. He was a highly recruited outstanding athlete in high school and was a 3-position football player which led to a 1 year no cut NFL contract from the New England Patriots, He declined the offer in order to go to graduate school and got an MBA from Long Island University.

  • He spent 18 years in a senior C level operations executive with a Hilti, a large international construction tool company
  • He was key part of the team that took Hilti’s (type of product) from a business plan startup which he coordinated to more than $50 million in sales and a dominant market share
  • He was designated by the founder to turn around two lagging divisions. In the first year, both improved both sales and reduced cash burn, and by the second and third years were among Hilti’s most profitable divisions.
  • He joined an international specialty products company where he was COO for 7 years
  • He helped to turn around two poor performing divisions.
  • He joined Body Wellness fulltime in 2015, after being an early investor and director of the Company since 2006.

His diverse computer, electronic, and mechanical engineering skills have allowed the company to internally manage and complete complex projects, as initially the Body Wellness SaaS cloud portal, and a second-generation portal engine.

Ernest Chu, CFO and a member of the Board of Directors – is a 40+ year veteran of 9 early and growth-stage companies in the technology, medical and energy fields, of which 7 had public exits or merged into larger companies. In addition, he has extensive capital markets experience, beginning as a financial markets staff writer for the Wall St. Journal, later becoming an Allied Member of the NYSE and a securities principal of two NYSE boutique investment banks.

During the beginning of the venture capital industry, his mentor was the legendary Frederick Adler, a godfather of the VC industry and a great mentor. Ernest was the Managing Partner of Corporate Builders LP, a New York, Palm Beach, and Zurich, Switzerland-based venture development partnership for 15 years. An honors graduate of Amherst College, he has authored or contributed to 5 books on finance and personal development, including a highly-endorsed bestseller, Soul Currency.

Ernest was awarded the Moore Fellowship, a post-graduate fellowship award for Ph.D. studies at Columbia University in 1968, cut short by an attractive offer he accepted with the Wall St. Journal and Dow Jones. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, including leading a delegation from the National Committee on American Foreign Policy in 1979 received by the First Lady of China and the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 2000 he became a licensed Centers for Spiritual Living minister and was earned ordination in 2007 at CSL Ft. Lauderdale for 15 years before having a focused ministry for the past six years. A firm believer in women’s equality and inclusiveness of all people, his ministry was one of the founders of Women Light the World, a 501C3 that trains women to be solar engineers and provides solar lighting to homes in more than three dozen selected villages to enable children to study at night and replace more toxic lanterns to support clean energy.

Dr. Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, The Natural Nurse® – is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), and is a board certified Advanced Holistic Nurse (AHN-BC). A pioneer in the field of natural holistic medicine for nearly 50 years, she is an authority on herbology, nutritional and natural remedies. Dr. Kamhi demystifies the process of natural healing through several practical self-help guides These include WEIGHT LOSS-the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, Herbs for Women, The Natural Guide to Great Sex, and co-authored with Dr. Eugene Zampieron, The Natural Medicine Chest, and Arthritis: The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide.

She regularly hosts a weekly show on Gary Nulls Progressive Radio Network, and her insightful comments frequently appear in the health and wellness sections of publications like Newsmax, Marie Clare, Woman’s World, Prevention, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and many more. Dr. Kamhi is on the Board of several peer served on the Panel amour of Traditional Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical School where she also taught Botanical Pharmacology.

Dr. John Mee, designer of Apollo moon mission computer systems, & new product expert

  • Holds a patent on the laser printer. Architect and pioneer of redundant computer systems used by the US space program.
  • Selected by NASA to power the Apollo moon missions.
  • Member of MENSA author of several text books on the design and principles of human cognitive computing and integration of light photons.
  • Expert in the development of new technology products.

Christopher J. Chu, award winning video games developer and programmer

  • Received an Academy Award for Best Sound in a Video Game working for Activision (Call of Duty 3), one of the all-time best-selling games.
  • Developer of Shrek for the Disney, Return Fire and other platinum video games.
  • Key developer for George Lucas and forthcoming video game, Avatar.
  • Key role in new product development utilizing mixed and virtual reality. He attended California Polytech.