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Refrigerator Raid and Pantry Purge Program – Cracking the Code on Labels

Half of shoppers report reading nutrition labels. However, reading them and understanding them are two different things. Even seasoned fitness professionals can have trouble interpreting food labels.

Food Labeling Standards is like an “Alphabet Soup”. Here are some examples:

  • RDA – First published in 1943 and revised every 5-10 years. RDA is now a subcategory of DRI. ( see Below)
  • DRIDietary Reference Intakes introduced in 1997. Now includes new nutrient intake standards.
  • DVDaily Values as defined by the FDA and they have two sub-classes.
  • DRVDaily Reference Values This is for people 4 years old and older.
  • RDIReference Daily Intake, these pertain to the essential vitamins and minerals.

Next you must understand the serving sizes and how they apply. What is Gluten free, what is 100% natural, USDA, Organic, 100% Organic? All of them are totally different and can make a very big difference in what you’re really purchasing for you and your family.

Body Wellness is now offering “Refrigerator Raid and Pantry Purge Program”

We will help you weed out the unhealthy, toxic food in your home! A Nutritional Consultant will go to your home, and do the following:

  • Review the food you now have in your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Educate you on the interpretation of the labels.
  • Identify and help you remove toxic drinks and prepared foods.
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions on healthier substitutions.
  • Result You will be an educated consumer.

We are offering this package at a low introduction price of $99.95 for our members.

Additional packages available.

Call today at 561-413-3499 or email susan@bodywellness.com for an appointment.