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Children’s Swim Lessons:

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Fun & Fitness Classes

Body Wellness® offers Fun & Fitness Classes during the day and evening on site at your community. We present a variety of classes and programs for kids and teens in every age group. Below are some of the various classes we offer. All classes are 45 minutes in length.

Fun & Play (ages 6-8): This class is all about expending energy and exploring. We will utilize the energy of this age group with games and drills which involve running, stretching, jumping with a touch of creativity thrown in. The class uses jump ropes, hula hoops and various games which foster the child’s imagination. The idea of this class is to make exercise and activity fun so it will be a lifelong habit.

Water World (ages 6-8): The youngsters go to the water for frolic and play. These classes are conducted through song and games so the children will enjoy themselves and at the same time get some exercise, while learning.

Kids Fitness (ages 9-12): The kids in this class will build muscle endurance with longer more vigorous intensity aerobic exercises. We’ll focus on core strength exercises combined with balance exercises. Here we will use burpees, mountain climbers, pushups, resist a balls, jump ropes and mats and a huge dose of fun. The class will use a variety of plyometric style movements, games and drills. Finally, Yoga style stretches and poses finish the class.

Water Fit (ages 9-12): This class is similar to an adult class. The movements are similar, but a few water games are added for the kids. We play age appropriate music, sometimes we sing and dance in the water, sometimes we do traditional aqua fit moves, sometimes water races, or we play games with a beach ball and/or noodles. It’s fast-paced and burns a lot of energy. Kids in an aqua fit class should be able to stand at the shallow end of the pool. They don’t necessarily need to be able to swim, but they should be comfortable in the water.

Player’s Edge (ages 12-16): This class focuses on skills, drills, and conditioning needed to maintain a player’s edge. Whether your child plays on a team or just enjoys being in good shape, this hour long class will improve their agility, speed, power, range of motion, and overall health. We will draw from drills from a myriad of sports and will also include flexibility work, eye/hand, eye/foot coordination and meditation. This power hour is guaranteed to benefit your child for a lifetime!

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