Woman with her personal fitness trainer in the gym

The Body Wellness® Fitness Evaluation offers you and your Trainer the opportunity to check your health & wellness status with a comprehensive evaluation of your current fitness levels. Our testing includes an amazing 16 profiles: (Certain profile descriptions listed below) Based on our evaluation, your Trainer can gauge your present level of health, and if applicable, the effectiveness of your current training routine. Based on our Fitness Evaluation your Trainer will create an Exercise prescription specific to your present needs.

We will offer suggestions for areas that need improvement as well as guide you to the lifestyle changes you need to experience better health and overall well-being.

  1. A Health Screening and Cardiovascular Risk Questionnaire
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Heart Rate Screening
  4. Body Fat
  5. Total Body Water
  6. Muscle Mass
  7. Physique Rating
  8. BMR
  9. Daily Caloric Intake
  10. Metabolic Age
  11. Bone mass
  12. Visceral Fat
  13. Body Weight
  14. Healthy Range Indicator
  15. Target /maximum Heart Rates
  16. Cardiovascular Endurance Step Test

Some of the Parameters Addressed in this Evaluation

  • DCI-Daily Caloric Intake – How many calories can be consumed within the next 24 hrs. To maintain current weight.
  • Healthy Range Indicator – Where your body fat % fits into the healthy body fat range.
  • Program Includes: * Body Measurements * Personalized Fitness Program
  • Program Investment: A $120 Value – $75 Special Value

For more information call 561.413.3499 or email susan@bodywellness.com