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Body Wellness® offers four different Personal Wellness Programs for those interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and creating wellness in their lives.

  • The “Naturally Healthy program is a month to month program. Our other three programs are 12 weeks in length.
  • We have found that 12 weeks the individuals are able to make significant lifestyle changes and are then confident to stand on their own when guided through the process by a Body Wellness® Personal Program Coordinator.
  • Your coach and mentor, guides you on the Body Wellness® program.

1The Body Wellness® Weight Normalizing Program – If you want to lose weight without following a diet, this is the program for you. A personalized program; “eat for health and weight management” without ever counting calories or being on a diet. A unique program is based on understanding the Triune of Health® and how food fuels and nourishes the body. The program is easy to follow and quick with results. Cost: $475


2The Body Wellness® Health & Rejuvenation Program – This program is for individuals who are suffering from dis-ease and seek to restore balance, harmony and health to their lives. A holistic approach utilizing the Triune of Health® with the focus on creating the proper mental environment for healing to take place. Individuals find this program a perfect adjunct to their current health care protocols. This program is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Cost: $550


3The Body Wellness® Sound Body/Mind Program – Program for anyone interested in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are not too concerned about your weight, but you realize that you need to improve your diet and lifestyle habits. The Triune of Health® will guide you to better living through better living. Clients are amazed at how making small changes in diet and lifestyle can bring about such significant results. Cost: $475


PROGRAM INVESTMENT: Each program is 12 weeks. Additional costs are for telephone coaching. The recommended telephone coaching sessions are one per week for the 12 weeks at a cost of $25 per session. You may decide to purchase more or less if you wish.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: Body Wellness® Program Book, Health & Wellness Evaluation

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