General Information

Body Wellness® offers Swim Lessons facilitated by certified Swim Instructors. We provide both group and private lessons. Group classes are formed with 4-5 children per class. Our program will familiarize your child with the water and take them step by step through the skills that will give them a sense of security while in the water. Classes will be held during the day and in the evening. Private sessions may be scheduled by appointment. Adults lessons available.

Swim Lesson Class Duration: All classes are 30 minutes. There may be some instances where the class may be less or longer, this will be determined by the swim instructor and predicated upon the child’s comfort level and attention span during the lesson.

No Show, Cancellations Policy: Body Wellness® offers private and group lessons in the convenience of your community clubhouse or your home pool. We ask that you call to let us know in advance if your child will not be attending a class/es that they have signed up for. This way, we do not have an instructor waiting if there are no children attending a specific class. Body Wellness® reserves the right to cancel and reschedule class/es if there is bad weather or an instructor falls sick and we are not able to secure a sub. Please note: We require 24 hours’ notice if you must cancel your child’s group or private session. If adequate notice is not given, you will be charged for that session. There are no credits or refunds given if your child cannot attend a class, no exceptions please.

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Swim Lesson Rates

For Private Sessions: $300 for 6 sessions, plus sibling
For Semi-Private Sessions: $300 for 6 sessions / $150 per child
For Group Sessions: $200 for 8 sessions / $30 per child

Terms: A reservation will be required prior to attending all swim lesson classes.

You may call 561.413.3499 or email for a reservation or additional information.