We will ensure that your massage is both pleasurable and beneficial

Some of our massage services available:

Aromatherapy Massage: A massage that uses classic gentile strokes and custom blended essential oils to promote a relaxing or stimulating effect.

Swedish Massage: Systematic assessment and manipulation of soft tissue. A classic massage technique that uses soothing, even and thorough strokes.

Sports Massage: A massage designed for the active client. Using range of motion and gentile stretching techniques, this bodywork helps increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and alleviate post-workout tension.

Shiatsu Massage: A traditional Japanese pressure point massage where pressure and stretching is the key. The shiatsu practitioner uses palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, knees and the feet, to work on the body’s acupuncture points, along what they consider the body’s meridians or energy channels. It helps to balance a person’s energy flow, and strengthen the vital organs.

Integrative Massage: Precise combination of various massage techniques combining Swedish and the deeper isolated work of deep tissue therapy. This synergy supports the body’s own healing process; one emerges both energized and relaxed.

Reiki: In Japanese means Universal Life Force Energy. It is an ancient art form that taps into and directs this Universal Energy allowing the practitioner to channel this force in a way that brings the mind, body and spirit back into harmony and into a balanced way of being.

Deep Tissue Massage: A technique that applies pressure deep within the muscles. It helps the body get rid of newly released toxins, it is important to drink plenty of water after this treatment. This massage is not designed for relaxation and is not recommended for first time spa-goers.

Hot Stone Massage: Combines the earthy grounding effect of river stones with the detoxifying and relaxation effect of heat; the result is a healing as well as transcending experience. Relives muscle tension, improves circulation.


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