Linda Alessandro

Linda Alessandro is the founder of Body Wellness® Programs & Services, a company providing over 250 different on site corporate wellness programs to government agencies, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 organizations and Body Wellness® Fitness & Management a company providing over 250 health and fitness programs to gated communities, country clubs, hospitals and schools as well as individual personalized programs.

Linda has organized a team of nine health and wellness experts who facilitate these programs. Many of these individuals are considered experts in their chosen fields. Ms. Alessandro is a 25 year specialist in the field of health and fitness. Her expertise has earned her a place within the President’s Council on Physical Fitness& Sports Program.  Ms. Alessandro was asked to address the United Nations Nutrition Committee on the mind/body connection in health.  Ms. Alessandro leads many of the stress management lectures offered at Body Wellness®. The Federal Aviation Administration implemented her stress management program, known today as SLOWO®: The Mental Interface® Technique.  linda  has presented the Body Wellness® programs at Citibank,  The US Postal Service, Cablevision, ADP, Avis, General Instrument, Standard Microsystems, Oxford Resources, Macy’s, Nikon, Estee Lauder, Home Depot, Cybex, Symbol Technologies, Loral, and many other organizations.

Daniel Alessandro, MBA

Daniel Alessandro, MBA – is Managing Partner of Body Wellness® Programs & Services, a company providing over 250 different onsite corporate wellness programs to government agencies, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 organizations. Daniel developed his creative management and work-life programs during his career with Pan American World Airways, as Manager of Operations, as Director of Operations with Hilti International and as Executive Vice President of Gift Box Corporation of America. During his business career, Daniel began Hospice work and for the last 15 years he has worked with Hackensack University Medical Center as their most popular Hospice Worker. As a Hospice volunteer, Daniel uses many of the stress management techniques he teaches in the corporate world, to those who require his Hospice services. These techniques have been so well received that Daniel is often asked to address graduating classes, teach nurses and other hospice workers his unique methods and approach.

Ellen Kamhi, RN, PhD.

Ellen Kamhi, RN, PhD. – The Director of Health Education at Body Wellness®, is also known as “The Natural Nurse”. Dr. Ellen Kamhi brings the message of holistic medicine to millions of Americans through radio and television programs broadcast throughout the United States daily. She appeared on News 12 in her own segment on health for two years and is presently featured in numerous magazines, journals and newspapers including The New York Times, The New York Post and Marie Claire. Dr. Kamhi creates and runs popular workshops on the use of local wild plants, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, organic natural foods and energy techniques used to improve the quality of one’s health and life. Ellen has been involved in the field of natural medicine for over 30 years. She attended Rutgers and Cornell Universities, sat on the panel of Traditional Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical School, and holds the position of Clinical Instructor at Stony Brooke Medical School College of Family Medicine.

Mort Malkin, DDS

Mort Malkin, DDS – The Director of Cardiovascular Fitness at Body Wellness®, he specializes in primary preventive medicine and has invested 25 years developing and fine tuning the biomechanics of the Malkin Technique of Aerobic Walking. He has taken the safest, most universal exercise and changed it from marginal to high grade and aerobic with his technique using the large muscle groups of the legs and mid-body for power. With Malkin Technique, aerobic walking becomes a powerful, weight bearing, cardiovascular exercise.  Dr. Malkin is the author of two books on the subject, Walking – The Pleasure Exercise and Aerobic Walking – The Weight Loss Exercise. He has had many articles and papers published in both lay periodicals and medical literature.

Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D

Paul E. Mc Ghee, Ph.D. – Director of Humor at Body Wellness® and is internationally known for his own research on humor and laughter. After earning his PhD in Developmental Psychology he spent 20 years as a researcher before becoming a professional speaker. Paul has given talks on humor in 10 countries, and has published 11 books on humor, including his latest, Health, Healing & the Amuse System: Humor as Survival Training.  Body Wellness® offers his “hands on” humor skills training program which is the only program of its kind in the country. Dr. Mc Ghee shows employees exactly what to do in order to use humor to cope with stress. Paul’s ability to help organizations build resistance and cope with change using humor is fast establishing him as a moving force in corporate stress management. Paul’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, and numerous other American and European Publications. He is frequently interviewed by the mass media about humor. He was featured on The Learning Channel in 1997 and was featured in a PBS special called “A Laugh a Day” in 2001.

Geri Leon, JD, Ph.D.

Geri Leon, JD, Ph.D. – Director of Stress Management at Body Wellness®, is an attorney, college lecturer, and stress management educator. As a former Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County, NY, an attorney in private practice, a college lecturer, corporate stress management facilitator and mother of five children, she has had firsthand experience with stress in the workplace. She is the creator/author of “Mentor-at-Work,” a stress management training program which combines a holistic approach to mental and physical health. With a Master’s Degree in Education, a Juris Doctorate in law, and a PH.D. In the Science of Energy Medicine she combines her education, experience and an integrative approach to teach workshop participants physical and mental techniques to relieve stress and improve their work performance.

Nancy M. Powers

Nancy M. Powers – Director Success Coaching at Body Wellness®, is a captivating keynote speaker, writer and professional success coach. Her business mastery and personal development programs inspire audiences to action. Her seminars are content oriented, illuminating and highly entertaining. Nancy exudes warmth and has a captivating style that keeps the audience spellbound from beginning to end.  Drawing on her 25 years of experience and dedication to research, she responds with training that produces solid, quantifiable, bottom-line results. She has presented for Allstate, Grumman, Citibank, Cushman & Wakefield, American Express, Marchon Eyewear, Massachusetts Mutual, Metropolitan Life, New York Life, Paine Webber, Prudential Securities, Remax Realtors, The Long Island Association and the National Association For Sales and Marketing Executives, National Association For Women Business Owners, The Center For Professional Women, Verizon, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, The Masters Circle, National Chiropractic Council, and Breakthrough Coaching.

Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro – General Manager is a native Floridian, and attended Pope John Paul II High School in Boca Raton and graduated from the University of Charleston in West Virginia with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sports Medicine. Pablo received his Massage Therapy license from the Florida College of Natural Health. Pablo brings with him a record of success of over 17 years of accomplishments in the hospitality industry, as well as having a vast knowledge and understanding of the Operations of Health & Wellness Facilities for Private Communities, Country Clubs and Resorts. Pablo skill sets include planning and implementation of facility renovation projects and his expertise includes certifications in Health Club Management, Personal Training and Fire Safety Training, as well as being a Waldorf Astoria Certified Facilitator.